True Facts

National Lampoon was one of my favorite magazines.  Had a subscription for several years in the late 70s, early 80s.  One favorite nat'l-lampfeature was "True Facts", a section near the front of the magazine which had true but ridiculous items from real life.  Together with the masthead, it was one of the few parts of the magazine that was factual.  "True Facts" included photographs of unintentionally funny signage, extracts from ludicrous newspaper reports, strange headlines, etc.

NL paid for submissions (only if published) and I became a regular contributor.  $25 for reading - I'm in.  Made a couple of hundred a year.

The habit of rooting out the weird stuck.  So has wondering "what the hell was s/he thinking?"  As my author/playwright friend Tom Perez says, "You just can't make up this shit!"

Body Parts

Was this during rush hour?
Couldn't find a woman.
 naked4 naked3
He really wanted the job. They were looking for JigglyPuff. 
 naked6 naked5
Hope no one paid for this poll.
Repeat:  "Stay in the house..."  
No Four Loco in the cooler. 
Quit the league - please.
Imagine their surprise!
Sad, but what was wrong with the door?
bikertoes  naked7 
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