Actor Matt Frewer (Max Headroom/Edison Carter) told Rolling Stone Magazine that "The cool thing about playing Max is that you can say virtually anything because theoretically the guy's not real, right?  Can't sue a computer!"

Car Commercial
War    28 April 1987

A terrorist group called the White Brigade claims responsibility for a series of live, televised bombings, with the aid of one of Network 23's competitors, BreakThru TV.  Carter and company investigate and soon uncover the truth: the terrorists are working with a sleazy programming package distributor who sells exclusive rights to coverage of their attacks to finance their activities. 

Baby Grobags   12 May 1988
(Did not as part of the original U.S run.  Baby Grobags was shown during the Australian series run.)

While researching a story on genetically engineered "designer babies", Carter discovers that babies with exceptionally high IQs are being stolen from their parents just before being "born" to be used for a new TV show on Network 66.

TV Censorship
Lessons   5 May 1988
Carter discovers that Network 23's automated censor system is sending the police to arrest Blanks who are gaining unauthorized access to pay-per-view educational programs, the only source of education for homeless children.

Aired 1987-88
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