You know what happens when there's a full moon?  People go cra-a-a-zy!
~age 3
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What's so strange when you know
That you're a wizard at three
I knew that this was meant to be 
Annie Ross


A book's been brewing in my head.  The protagonist is a cosmic, kookie colored girl from Kalamazoo who sets off to see the USA and stumbles on adventures that need to be shared.
Sounds a bit like my life story.  But it's not.  And there's no set date for its release, so don't ask.  As they say in the biz, "It's still under development."   


Make it your daily mantra
Life goes on...welcome to the be-in.
Slow down 'cause where you're going is gonna be there when you get there! 

The world, as we know it, is all we will ever know.  So there.




Life is what happens when you're waiting for the mortician.

Dean Koontz
Odd Apocalypse